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Back to School

September 09, 2010

The weekend exhausted me. The Abbotsford Nagar Keertan, Yudh, and the launch of 2011 were reason for not much eating and even less sleep. Anyhow, I awoke very late today and was late for work. I normally start at 7:30, and so traffic doesn’t affect me much and school zones aren’t in effect, but I was leaving the house after 8:30 and pass two schools on the way. There I saw them… children, young adults… walking to school. Memories came flooding back of so many lessons, adventures, hardships and laughs that came from the elementary and secondary school days. Great, great times.

Many well-wishes to all who are embarking on a new journey. Cherish the times/moments and remember them. You’ll wish you could go back.

Akaal Sahaai

Navdeep Singh

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