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Call it what it is

June 12, 2012

Don’t code in Java and still call it an iOS app. Stick with the standards.

Don’t hit the ball with a racket and still call it golf. Start a new sport.

Don’t sing Ma and still call it Raag Bhopali. Learn Indian music properly.

Don’t throw a brick through a window during a riot and call it mob mentality. Take ownership for your actions.

Don’t tell people to go back to where they came from and still call it patriotism. Recognize the human race as one.

Don’t tell a female she needs to change the way she looks to be beautiful and still call it good taste. Learn to recognize true beauty.

Don’t suppress a people’s traditions and still call it a free country. Recognize the benefits of diversity.

Don’t be dogmatic, have hatred, suppress women’s rights, deny education, sacrifice animals, be intolerant of someone’s natural sexual orientation, condone slavery, kill innocent people and still call it religion. Give your head a shake.

Navdeep Singh

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