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Christmas Nostalgia

December 09, 2012

It’s interesting. By this time of the year, I usually start to get a little nostalgic. Decorated houses, festivities, songs, snow, colours and movies which are all in abundance at this time of year all tend to contribute to the feeling. It’s with surprise that I note that I’m just not feeling it yet this year; perhaps it’s not cold enough or maybe I just need to watch Home Alone.

I thought I would try to get into it by tuning the radio to an all-Christmas music station on my way home from work. The classic Paul McCartney “Wonderful Christmas Time” was on and I thought, “Here we go!”, but… nothing. The next song was an unknown to me and I had to get out of the car while it was playing to check the mail. I came back to hear a whiny voice singing to his “shawty” about being under the mistletoe. Blah. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very festive.

Nostalgia is one of my favourite emotions, but we change as we grow and some things may not bring the same excitement as they did in previous years. There’s a good chance that something between now and January will trigger nostalgia if I’m lucky to still have breaths, but that remains to be seen. At least there will always be Disney… I hope.

Navdeep Singh

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