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Daughter's Strength

July 31, 2012

The last 5 and a half minutes have been of the longest and proudest moments of my life. Watching my beautiful daughter, Bhajan Kaur, on the baby monitor as she was trying to fall asleep on her own, I sat just outside the door, trying to not go in and comfort her. She’s shown bravery and courage, allowing herself to fall asleep without a source of comfort. It’s not cruelty; we’re told that babies build independence by this method. I chose this night on purpose, as it was Arshdeep Kaur’s first night out on her own without the baby and my first night on my own with the baby. We’re blessed that it didn’t take very long, relatively speaking. Even though I can’t remember time ever going as slowly as it has just done, I wonder at the strength of other couples, who have to endure much, much longer times.

You may never read this, but you did wonderfully, Bhajan Kaur. God bless you.

Navdeep Singh

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