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August 11, 2010

On August 2, 2010, Arshdeep Kaur turned 25. As a surprise, I told her that we were going to go somewhere and that she needed to close her eyes. I encouraged her to get some shut-eye to pass some time, and so she wouldn’t know which direction we were going. It was a bit of a drive, so it was alright for her to open them when there weren’t road signs visible. We hopped on to the Sea-to-Sky and made our way up to Whistler and turned right on a dirt road just before the village. After parking, and still with her eyes closed, we walked to the sign where she was allowed to open her eyes. Check out the video to see her reaction.

Arshdeep Kaur’s 25th Birthday Surprise

Amazing, isn’t it? She was very nervous, even fearful, when we had gotten there. After having done it, it was as though she couldn’t be happier. The video shows just how freeing it is to confront a fear, especially an irrational one. And yeah, I thought I’d slip my ‘jump’ into the video as well.

It’s such a freeing experience. When you’re on the bridge, you feel the harness on you, but the moment you begin your free fall, it’s just you falling. There’s no sensation of being tethered to anything. This was my second time. The first time was facing forward and being tethered by my feet. I asked the guy to count down from 5 and jumped on 2. The thrill was surreal. The entire world rushed up to meet me as I fell through the sky. This time, I asked the guy to not count and simply fell backwards into the unknown. You’re just looking up at the sky and falling. There’s no knowing when you’ll stop. Because you can’t see where you’re heading, you don’t know how long you’ll fall. It can come to an end at any time, so you’re forced to acknowledge your situation at every moment. You live every moment of it. Loved it!

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