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How much longer?

August 08, 2012

How long until they get here?
How many more pushups do we have to do?
How long until the bus gets here?
Are we there yet?

We seem to have this need to know how long something is going to take, even when we have no control of the outcome. I have no means of transportation except the bus, so why do I need to stand at the corner so I can see it coming from two blocks away and then go to the stop?

Although sometimes it is necessary to manage time effectively by knowing how long something is going to take, oftentimes it is unnecessary. We feel like if we don’t know, things will be chaotic. We feel like we want to be in control of a situation. It really just adds anxiety and negatively affects the mind.

Learn to give up your false sense of control and embrace living in the moment. Pay attention to your breathing and be content.

Navdeep Singh

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