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January 1st

January 01, 2017

Some might think as I did and, to an extent, still do that January 1st is just another day on an arbitrary calendar created by a pope in the 16th century, and is no cause for celebration. I don’t really really have a need to ring it in at midnight either but, to me at my stage in my spiritual life, it does serve great purpose for a few reasons: it is a representation of new beginnings, new outlooks, and new goals, while being a time to reflect on the just-passed year. It is a representation of what I would like to have as my daily ritual. Indeed, each day that passes is cause for reflection and each new day is a blessing and I will make strides to internalize this mindset.

Last month my whole family got sick (and it’s still affecting us weeks later) and the month of fitness took a back seat. Join me on Patreon to work together on our goals.

Navdeep Singh

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