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My month without YouTube. Halfway Post

August 19, 2013

Today is the 18th day of my month without YouTube and I have to be clear: I simply haven’t gone a few days without it. Hear me out, though. I haven’t slacked on my promise to myself.

When I get the urge to go to YouTube for entertainment, I realize that my podcast has been paused for a bit, probably from my last call, and I forgot to resume it. I suppress the urge and just resume the podcast. I haven’t once gone to YouTube while working or chilling and looked up something. I did have a slip-up one day when I had a long drive home and put on a Matisyahu playlist for the drive. I realized when I got home what I had done, but wasn’t too fussed about it.

How is it, then, that I haven’t avoided it for more than a few days, you ask? There are simply too many quality results that are YouTube links when doing a Google search. I’ve needed to lookup a number of things for work and tasks that have poor documentation but great videos to show how it’s done, from how to use specific software to the difference in quality of two headsets. Because the efficiency of work is at stake, I sacrifice my personal experiment without regret.

I’m very glad I started this experiment. I look forward to observing my behaviour for the next couple of weeks and seeing if there are any other changes.

Navdeep Singh

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