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New Bikes and More Riding

May 05, 2010

We got new bikes! Arshdeep Kaur got the Orn and I got the XFR Three and both are Norco, of course.

We went out for a ride and Pitaa Jee (dad) came as well; he’s claimed the Santiago as his (but doesn’t know that I’ll still be taking it out from time to time). Honestly, riding the cruiser is so chiller, if I may use some slang. The seat is nice and cushioned, and 29” wheels means a nearly effortless ride. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and an awesome day to ride. We’ve got some photos up on Flickr.

Yesterday, we had to go to Safeway and Choices Market and decided to take our bikes. As soon as we got them out, I started making mental notes on some needed accessories. A rack and bag come in very handy when you’re out running some errands. Gloves would have been good as well, as the high wind brought some chill. Because we have no locks, I had to stay outside with the bikes while Arshdeep Kaur went in to the store. The fact that we were running errands on bikes was so awesome, because it was Green and an exercise. It just reminded me of this great video. Enjoy!

Akaal Sahaai


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