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Sri Harmandir Sahib back on Alpha?

April 09, 2010

This morning, I came downstairs after getting ready for work and heard the TV and knew, as usual, my grandmother was watching the morning broadcast on Alpha Punjabi (Shaw Cable - 189). I could tell it was different from the sound, but it was familiar all the same. “Bolauuuuu Jeeee” came the voice of the Ardaas Saevaadaar and my heart leaped: It was coming from Sri Harmandir Sahib. I entered the family room and it was confirmed. I quickly snapped a photo because, of course, I was going to Tweet it and left for work. I wondered if it was an old recording, as my grandmother suspected, or if Alpha came to their senses and started to give the paying customers what they wanted back. I called home to ask what the Hukamnama was, but my grandmother had missed it.

Ah well. Perhaps someone who caught it could compare with today’s Hukamnaamaa on SikhNet and see. Otherwise, we’ll see tomorrow, Insha’Allah.

Akaal Sahaai

Navdeep Singh

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