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This Moment

April 23, 2015

This moment is unique. Never again will it come to pass. It can’t be relived, nor can it be duplicated.

This isn’t to say that opportunities will not come again. If my choice’s outcome wasn’t “favourable,” it will not have been a waste if I learned something from it. I can’t be so attached to a previous moment that I don’t recognize that a new one is upon me.

Sometimes, I’m too into a moment and forget the larger picture. If I’m not careful, the moment can be all-consuming and I could make a choice that might hurt me or someone else. If I take a step back and recognize that this is but a moment in a lifetime of moments, perhaps I can choose more wisely and enjoy a better outcome.

Too often, I don’t recognize that any given moment could be my last. It’s not such a barbaric or hopeless thing to think. Such acceptance would increase the value of each moment.

Moments may come and they will go. Time, alas, waits for no one. How will I choose to live this moment?

Navdeep Singh

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