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Wil Wheaton is a Punk

April 16, 2010

This guy is just pure evil. Sheldon was going to own him in Mystic Warlords of Ka’a and looked like he was taking him in bowling as well, but the guy is just so evil… he manages to pull out these “wins” over Sheldon. Sheldon isn’t supposed to lose this big. Sure, Stuart can win a small argument about comics, but anyone who messes Sheldon over big goes in my “black book” until they make it up to him or he wins over them. Penny called his mother and Leonard, Raj and Howard tampered with his expedition data, but they were nice to him after. Kripke doesn’t usually stay in the book because he’s just a loser, and him just speaking is a win for Sheldon, and the guy who took off with his bags in Bozeman will probably never make it out.

Does this make me as bad as the people hooked on Indian Soaps?

Navdeep Singh

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