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Fall Cleaning

September 29, 2010

Major cleanup is going on in our room closet, and Arshdeep Kaur and I are finding a lot of clothes we’re not going to hold on to anymore. Sure, perhaps most people did this 6 months ago and we missed out on the whole “Spring Cleaning” thing, but this is just as good, if not better. The thinking is that we don’t want to have a lot of clothes. Period. Anything that we were disowning was with the promise that we’re not going to look to replace it with something newer. This means no Boxing Day shopping for deals we don’t need and no headache. If we’d done this in spring, we might have forgotten about this promise :)

Most, if not all, of the clothes were in great/almost new condition and still quite fashionable; there was even a t-shirt of mine that was still in the wrapping. Altogether, I halved my wardrobe. It was an amazing feeling when we saw how much we’d reduced the clutter and space that the clothes took up and it’s an even greater feeling knowing that they’ll benefit those to whom clean clothing doesn’t come so easily.

God Bless

Navdeep Singh

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