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S'all Guru

December 05, 2010

What is S’all Guru? You can read the philosophy and you’ll know exactly what it is, but where did it come from and who is it for?

S’all Guru was a realization that came from the repeated use of “S’all good”, that it’s just so much more than “good”. “How’s it going?” is a question we’re asked every day. There are different ways to look at this. I’m inhaling and exhaling and my Guru, whoever or whatever it might be, has either taught me that this is a blessing of God/Jehovah/Jesus/Allah/Waheguru or that it is the result of a need for organs to acquire oxygen by means of the involuntary action of contracting a muscle to inflate the lungs and pull in air and then filtering it, passing the nutrients to blood cells, which then flow through the circulatory system and deliver it to the organs… or both. Whatever the case may be, I know because of my Guru. Why should I be anything but content?

S’all Guru isn’t just for those who call their guru a Guru. Guru is a word; just one way to say something that exists for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s science, a deity, scripture, morality, or anything else, everyone has a guru, because guru is that which sheds light (knowledge) where there is darkness (ignorance). Take that knowledge that you know you have your Guru and let it give you reason to be content, to smile during hardship. Like the philosophy says, S’all Guru is yours.

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