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Martin Singh

December 06, 2011

Martin Singh has been added to my list of heroes. From coast to coast to coast, he’s working to help all Canadians by means of running to be the next leader of the federal NDP party. He’s a very smart brother (4 university degrees to his name), speaks English & French, is the head of NDP’s Faith and Social Justice Commission, and I admire the work he’s doing. He’s a pharmacist and business owner. He’s got smart ideas and I believe he would be not only a great leader of the NDP party, but a great Prime Minister. Do sign up to be an NDP member; it will only cost you $1 if you’re 26 or younger or $10 if you’re older. It doesn’t matter if your Uncle’s Brother-in-law’s friend is Conservative, you can still support Martin Singh’s campaign when it comes time to vote in the NDP Leadership Race in 2012.

Sign up at the following link:

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