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November 23, 2011

This coming Saturday, November 26, 2011, there’s an election at Khalsa Diwan Society, Vancouver, otherwise known as Ross Street Gurdwara. There are three slates standing for running the Gurdwara (with the grace of Guru) but, in my personal opinion, there is only one clear choice, and that is United Sikh Youth. There is a sincere positivity which emanates from the individuals and the slate as a whole. While the other two slates are quick to attack and attempt to defame the rest, United Sikh Youth has only focused on change they’d like to bring. There is sincere humility - a quality of humanitarianism and promoted by Sikhi. There is a desire to learn and share knowledge, and opt out of mindless bickering. False accusations are cleared up quickly and attention re-focused to what matters: Bringing Unity, Sikhi, Family, Education and Seva to the forefront at the Gurdwara.

It’s sad, but the reality is that there are politics in religious institutions, but I believe that United Sikh Youth is the one out of the three that will be the most transparent and bring back the home-like feeling of being at the Gurdwara.

If you are a registered voter at Khalsa Diwan Society, I implore you to vote for Joga Singh Sangha & United Sikh Youth on November 26, 2011. Visit

Navdeep Singh

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