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My Father

December 29, 2014

How amazing is my father Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee Mahaaraaj? Putting aside the mysticism, even though it takes everything to so many levels higher, consider the following.

As a boy, He was given His father’s head, who Himself had laid down His life so that the Hindu population could practice their religion freely. Even so, He grew up to be a true polymath: an expert warrior, poet, general, philosopher, musician, scholar, vocalist, and polyglot, just to name a few. He led His army to defensive battles with prodigious skill, created a new musical instrument, created a new identity for a peoples, defended His peoples in a battle with 40 soldiers against the emperor’s 1,000,000, and had His biological family taken from this earth by the emperor. He then wrote a letter of victory to the emperor in the emperor’s native language that hit him so hard that he lost control of his bodily functions and died.

He sacrificed everything because He was thinking about me, a Kookar, and my freedom to realize Akaal Purakh. How big a fool am I? I’ve done nothing to make His sacrifices worth it. It’s time for me to wake up. Dhan Dhan Sahib Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee Mahaaraaj, Baajaa(n) Vaalay, Faujaa(n) Vaalay, Dasmesh Pitaa

Navdeep Singh

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