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Steve Jobs

October 06, 2011

God bless the Jobs family. If I wasn’t so proud, I would have easily shed tears learning the news of Steve Jobs’ death. Certainly I almost forgot to keep control of the steering wheel when the newscaster said the words over the radio which shocked me to the core: “Steve Jobs has died.” The man who was the face of Apple Inc? The man who could hold the attention of anyone who watched him? The man who was one in just a handful of people who pioneered the PC industry and, consequently, affected nearly every other industry in the world? The man who could make one feel like they were experiencing magic as he demonstrated 5 different email themes in a keynote? Dead?

This man is so well-known and recognizable that Barack Obama drops his name in conversation and it’s like, “Dude, you met and sat with Steve Jobs?” For some time, I loved to despise him as the arch-nemesis of Microsoft. “Pshh, you’re up on that stage touting that iPod. Well, the Creative Zen has a signal-to-noise ratio that’s 7dB, PnP functionality and drag-and-drop in Windows!” Whatever my outward feeling was, there was always great respect for him inside. He will be greatly missed.

Navdeep Singh

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