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The Internet is killing English

March 18, 2011

“There’s so many people here!”
“Your going to the beach right?”
“Its not mine its there’s.”
“How many paper’s do you want?”

Ah, man. What is happening to our English? I’m no grammar or speech expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I find it a bit irksome when I hear/read these kinds of mistakes. When I hear an ad on the radio, I expect someone to have proofed the grammar, so why is the guy telling me “there’s only two days left” to get whatever he’s selling?

Having said that, if I’m having a conversation with someone, I’m not looking at every mistake that’s being made; we still need to be good listeners. Good listeners are more rare than those with good grammar. However, our habitual shorthand writing style on the web, and Internet in general, is taking a toll on our quality of English. It’s already accepted to end our sentences with prepositions, but I prefer the old-school way. e.g. For how many people am I making breakfast?

We’ll keep up the misuse of contractions, LOL-ing and not caring abt da use of vwls or wtvr, and grammar will continue to suffer until it’s accepted to speak and write in Internet lingo. Bah, humbug!

Navdeep Singh

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