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Ik Onkar TV

March 02, 2011

I absolutely love this show. Ik Onkar TV is a beautiful initiative by Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Surrey; a television show which airs on JoyTV on Shaw Cable every Saturday evening. It usually has a recorded Keertan/Ddhaaddhee track, which isn’t the typical one-camera setup but with different angles and plenty of Sangat shots. It’s just a really good way to keep those interested who would otherwise change the channel. There are two Kathaas on the show’s theme, with one in Punjabi and one in English. One of the coolest things about the show is that they have a profile on a Sikh in the community.

Ah, I haven’t done the show any sort of justice with my description. I wanted to blog about it, but the late hour must be affecting me (not that I have any real writing ability anyway). Anyway, be sure to check out the show on JoyTV at 7pm PDT and 10pm EDT on Saturdays. They also have all the episodes up on their YouTube channel:

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