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Managing Multiple Google and Twitter Accounts

December 16, 2010

I was having the issue of having multiple Twitter and Google Apps accounts for different companies and my personal account. There are web apps that will manage multiple Twitter accounts, but I wanted the full Twitter experience for all of the accounts at the same time. I thought that Google Chrome OS would be perfect. I could virtualize a number of instances and let them each serve the purpose of being a hub for each company. The only problem was that I didn’t want to compile the OS and manage updates and whatnot. The answer came from a news article on an update for Jolicloud. Boom Shakalak. It’s a modified Chrome OS, which they’ll manage and update, and it has a tiny footprint memory-wise, so virtualizing a couple of instances on 6GB of RAM along with the already-running Ubuntu webserver wouldn’t be a problem.

So, there it is: I now keep a couple of virtual Jolicloud OS’s (which I can put to sleep and quickly awaken when needed) and don’t have to log in and out to manage multiple Twitter, Google Apps, YouTube and Flickr accounts.

Navdeep Singh

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